Grow Lush, Vibrant Flowers with Jacks Classic Petunia Feed

If you’re an avid gardener or just starting out, you know that providing the right nutrients is crucial for plant health and beauty. Enter J R Peters Inc 52624 Jacks Classic No.1.5 20-6-22 Petunia Feed—an exceptional fertilizer designed to meet the specific needs of iron-hungry plants. Whether you’re cultivating petunias, calibrachoa, bacopa, verbena, vinca, or salvia, this specialized feed ensures your plants thrive with lush green foliage and abundant blooms.

Product Description

Petunia FeED 20-6-22 is a premium fertilizer meticulously crafted for plants that struggle with iron uptake in the root zone. Featuring a low phosphorus formula, it promotes fuller, more robust plants without the risk of overfeeding. The enhanced micronutrient package ensures your plants receive all the essential elements needed for optimal growth, even in challenging growing conditions.

This fertilizer is particularly effective for use in hanging baskets and containers, which require frequent watering and are more prone to nutrient leaching. Its formulation makes it ideal for areas with hard water, ensuring consistent nutrient availability to your plants.

Key Benefits

  1. Enhanced Micronutrient Package: Petunia FeED includes a well-balanced mix of micronutrients tailored to iron-dependent plants, ensuring vibrant green leaves and healthy growth.
  2. Low Phosphorus Formula: Designed to prevent excessive phosphorus buildup, this feed promotes fuller, denser plants.
  3. Iron Availability: Specifically addresses iron deficiencies, making it perfect for petunias and other iron-hungry plants.
  4. Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of plants including calibrachoa, bacopa, diascia, nemesia, scaveola, verbena, pansy, and vinca.
  5. Ideal for Containers: Perfect for hanging baskets and container gardens that require frequent watering, ensuring your plants receive consistent nutrition.
  6. Great for Hard Water Areas: Formulated to perform well in regions with hard water, preventing nutrient lockout and ensuring your plants thrive.

For Use On

Petunia FeED 20-6-22 is excellent for the new generation of iron-dependent annuals. This includes but is not limited to:


J R Peters Inc 52624 Jacks Classic No.1.5 20-6-22 Petunia Feed is an essential addition to any gardener’s toolkit, particularly if you’re growing iron-hungry plants. Its specialized formulation ensures your plants receive the nutrients they need to grow strong and vibrant, whether in hanging baskets, containers, or garden beds. Give your petunias and other iron-dependent plants the best chance to flourish with this exceptional feed. Happy gardening!

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