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  • Bargain Garden

    20601 S. LaGrange Rd,
    Illinois, United States (US)


  • Cerbo's Parsippany Greenhouses

    440 Littleton Rd,
    New Jersey, United States (US)


  • Scroll Trellis, LLC

    136 Eubank Drive,
    Virginia, United States (US)


  • Oasis Forage Products

    919 Marvin St.,
    Ohio, United States (US)


  • Earth's Ally

    6801 Energy Court, Suite 201
    Florida, United States (US)

    (800) 550-6259

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Ship My Plants offers a uniquely innovative, fair, and open marketplace for local plant buyers and sellers alike. Our vendor-first e-commerce and data management tools create growing possibilities for Ship My Plants to be the ultimate online destination to connect plant businesses with plant purchasers near and far. During the pandemic, the United States gained 18 million new plant parents. Without this marketplace platform, there is no way that garden centers and plant providers would be able to keep all of the new gardening customers.  But because of Ship My Plants, they can.  It’s nearly impossible to do on our own, but together, on Ship My Plants, we can continue to make our world grow.