Botanical Interests, Sweet Pea, Bouquet Blend


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  • extra-large flowers
  • longer, sturdier stems
  • larger number of blooms per stem
  • ruffled and lightly-scented
  • attracts pollinators
  • flowers in the lengthening daylight of spring
  • Deer resistant
  • Caution: Parts of this plant are toxic if ingested

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Botanical Interests- Sweet Pea, Bouquet Blend

Bouquet Blend is a colorful, custom mix of Spencer-type sweet peas, ideal for cutting because of their extra-large flowers, longer, sturdier stems, and larger number of blooms per stem. The romantically ruffled, lightly-scented beauties attract pollinators, too! Bouquet Blend flowers in the lengthening daylight of spring. Deer resistant. Caution: Parts of this plant are toxic if ingested.

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