Dalen Cicada-X Tree & Shrub Protective Netting 3/8″ Mesh 14′ x 14′


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2024 IS A DOUBLE BROOD YEAR: This year, a 17-year cicada brood will coincide with a 13-year brood, which promises to damage many small trees and plants in their path. Cicada-X is the ideal solution for protecting your prized plants and precious vegetables.

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If you are looking for a humane way to keep your garden free of pests, installing barriers such as netting and fencing is an excellent option to consider. A quality garden fence is able to keep out a wide range of hungry vermin, while garden netting can protect against all of the same pests while also preventing birds from being able to access your crop. At Dalen Products, we offer a wide range of garden netting and fencing to fit any garden’s size, shape, and aesthetic. Best of all, our high-quality fences and nets are built to last a lifetime and are carefully designed to weather the outdoor elements without any damage.

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Cicadas, Japanese Beetles, June Beetles


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