SoHum Living Soils® Craves Soil, 1.5 Cu. Ft.


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  • Ready to Use. No Mixing. Just add water.
  • Complete Soil Solution for Indoor Cultivation.
  • Naturally Sourced and Handcrafted
  • Help Plants Grow and Thrive in Containers in Both Indoor and Outdoor Settings.
  • Has everything needed for entire grow cycle. No Need to Add Nutrients.
  • Includes diverse ingredients provide for a full spectrum of fruiting plants.

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Designed to be ready to use, SoHum Living Soils​® is a complete soil solution for indoor cultivation. SoHum Living Soils​® create cost savings for the facility, and a safer product for the consumer. SoHum Living Soils​® combines the best of modern science and agriculture with traditional expertise and farming knowledge.

SoHum Living Soils® are naturally sourced and handcrafted to help plants grow and thrive in containers in both indoor and outdoor settings. There’s no mixing, you need only add water.

The SoHum Living Soils® product is a fully amended living soil. It has everything it needs for its entire grow cycle.

Includes diverse ingredients provide for a full spectrum of fruiting plants.

SoHum Living Soils® is a super soil that is suitable for growing cannabis and a wide variety of plants both inside and outside the home. Many things go into creating the best soil mix for cannabis. Every ingredient is focused toward creating a biologically dynamic living soil that meets the needs of the plant throughout its growth cycle by just adding water. SoHum has been scientifically developed to provide all of the nutritional requirements of a heavy demanding crop for its entire life cycle. It works equally well in top-watering or bottom watering systems.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 5 in

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1.5 cubic feet

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