Transform Your Planters into Self-Watering Marvels with AquaPots® Inserts!

Are you tired of constantly worrying about watering your plants or dealing with dried-out soil? Say hello to AquaPots® Self-Watering Inserts by Proven Winners®, the solution to your gardening problems! These ingenious inserts will turn your ordinary plant containers into self-watering success stories.

How do AquaPots® Inserts work?

It’s incredibly simple! Just place the AquaPots® Insert into any container with a drainage hole at the bottom, whether it’s round or square. Instantly, your planter becomes self-watering magic. Plus, for those square pot lovers, AquaPots® Insert with Adapter includes an optional square fitting, ensuring it works seamlessly in square pots as well.

AquaPots® Insert not only converts your planters but also helps you save on water, potting soil, money, and time. Here are some of the fantastic benefits:

Save Water: With the self-watering feature, you’ll use just the right amount of water your plants need, reducing water wastage.

Save Potting Soil: Use about half as much soil.

Save Money: Thanks to fewer water and soil and fertilizer expenses, you’ll notice your gardening budget shrinking.

Save Time: Say goodbye to the daily watering routine. AquaPots® Insert takes care of your plants, so you have more time to enjoy your green oasis.

Pair your AquaPots® Insert with our curated line of AquaPots® Lite planters for the ultimate gardening experience. With AquaPots®, you’ll not only have thriving plants but also an eco-friendly and budget-conscious approach to gardening. Say goodbye to plant care stress and hello to flourishing greenery!