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Reusable Plant Tape


The Bendable Moss Pole™ THIN


The Original Bendable Coir Pole™ – Best Seller (Tape Included)


The Original Bendable Moss Pole™ – Best Seller (Pins Included)


About Plant Supports

Plant supports are designed to help support and stabilize plants as they grow. These products are particularly useful for plants with heavy foliage, flowers, or fruit. Or for plants that are prone to bending or breaking under their own weight.

Plant supports can come in a variety of forms, including stakes, cages, trellises, and hoops. Theycan be used on a variety of plant types, including annuals, perennials, vegetables, and fruit trees.

These products improve the overall health and appearance of plants by allowing them to grow upright and providing support for their stems and branches.

Plant support products can be especially useful for gardeners who are growing plants in windy or exposed locations. They are also good for those who want to train their plants to grow in a particular direction.