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About Ship My Plants Seller Memberships

Join our growing Ship My Plants marketplace. Start by choosing one of our three seller membership tiers. Each membership grants sellers the ability to list a specified number of products. We also offer monthly and annually paid memberships to fit your needs. All sellers on the Ship My Plants marketplace receive access to our robust e-commerce platform which includes updates, support, and tools for growing possibilities.

Green Thumb

$150 Annually

Green Thumb

Up to 25 product listings

A “Steady Stroll” Seller Membership to get your business moving!

An Excellent Solutions For:

  • Home Growers
  • Propagators
  • Florists
  • Plant Wares
  • Sellers New to Shipping

Transform your budding interests into a blooming online business.

Green Guru

$300 Annually

Green Guru

Up to 50 product listings

A “Spirited Stride” Seller Membership to get your business rolling!

An Excellent Solutions For:

  • Greenhouses
  • Small to Mid Size Garden Centers
  • Florists & Farmer's Markets
  • Plant Wares
  • Sellers Familiar to Shipping

Upshift into a flourishing new environment to expand your reach without extending your resources.

Green Giant

$600 Annually

Green Giant

Up to 100 product listings

A “Strong Sprint” Seller Membership to get your business to full speed!

An Excellent Solutions For:

  • Wholesale Growers
  • Multi-Branch Garden Centers
  • Florists & Supermarkets
  • Plant Wares
  • Sellers Comfortable with Shipping

Expand your field expertise and branch out to greener pastures!

Additional Fees & Payments:

Ship My Plants Commission:

Once an item sells on Ship My Plants, there is a 10% transaction fee on the final sale price of the items sold (subtotal). Payments are remitted through your connected Stripe Express account after each order has been completed.

Processing/Gateway Fee:

Ship My Plants uses Stripe to process all payments made on our platform with a gateway fee of 2.9% + 30¢ for the total transaction.


Visit our Plant FAQ page for additional information.

NetPS Plant Database

NetPS Plant Finder Database is a tool known to many in the garden center industry. The tool provides branded searchable plant information for your customers’ care needs. The NetPS Plant Database has been integrated into the Ship My Plants platform. What does that mean? Gone are the hours spent keying tedious plant data into your online plant listings. With Ship My Plants, sellers can easily import plants into their online shop. Customize the listing by uploading additional photos of your product, set your inventory, and list your pricing.