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Italian Oregano, 4 Pack in 4″ Pot


About Herb Plants

Herbs are essential ingredients in food to create flavor and color, some herbs can even be used for medical purposes. Herb plants offer a wide variety of flavors, unlocking culinary possibilities and adding zest to your favorite dishes. From oregano to lavender, you can explore the fragrance and taste each herb has to offer.

Herbs require less effort to maintain than other vegetables. They’re ideal for busy gardeners that want flavorful ingredients on hand at all times. Know that some herbs do require frequent pruning in order to stay healthy. The maintenance pays off once you start cooking with them. By tending to herb plants in your garden, you can get creative with flavor without having to invest too much time or energy in your garden.

Shop from our marketplace of herb growers who can deliver your fresh plants right to your door.  Shop the closest seller by geo location to help ensure your plants arrive quickly, happy and healthy.