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Purpleleaf Plum


Magnolia X loeb. Leonard Messel Leonard Messel Magnolia


Salix integra Hakaro Nishiki Japanese Willow


Green Giant Arborvitae, 1 Gal.


Spring Grove® Arborvitae




Scarlet Oak


White Pine


Ohio Buckeye


About Trees

Trees are an investment that bring many benefits, both indoors and out. They can also give you privacy, be a calming focal point in your garden or living space, or provide shade on a hot summer day.

Fortunately, it is easy to find the perfect tree to suit your needs – they are for sale in various sizes, shapes and colors! From sun-loving evergreen trees like fir and spruce, to deciduous options such as cherry blossoms or majestic oaks; shade-giving birches or flowering magnolia trees; potted varieties of fruit trees such as apples and oranges; even ornamental specimens like Japanese Maples – you can find them for sale for every purpose and occasion.

Whether you want to improve the ambience in the front yard, add texture and interest on the patio, create a shady retreat for alfresco dining in summer months, find what you need on Ship My Plants. 

Shop our marketplace of tree growers from near and far.  To find the closest seller, use our geo location tool.