Our Ship My Plants marketplace grants sellers the ability to maintain their own return policies on hardgoods. However, the following guidelines have been set forth here as it applies to live plant goods.

Live Plant Refunds

Live plant goods are never eligible for return or exchange, but may be eligible for a refund under the following circumstances.

Allowable Reasons for Refunds on Live Plant Goods Upon Arrival

The following condition(s) must be present upon the arrival of your order. Photo documentation is required within 24 hours of the confirmed shipment.

  • Incorrect Item
    Did you receive a pot holder instead of a pothos? Let’s get that fixed!
  • Irreparable Damage
    Please note that slight wear to foliage and flowers is normal. If carrier damage to your order is present, be sure to include a photo(s) of the box/packaging along with images of your plant(s).
  • Pest Infestation or Disease
    We want your plants to be healthy! Inspect your plant for any signs of discoloration, damage, or pests. If you think your plant has a problem, document with a photo within the first 24 hours. After that time, it is the customers responsibility to care for any future potential issues.
  • Dead/Dried Up
    Your plant order should be opened immediately upon receipt. Sellers are not responsible for package neglect after the shipment has been confirmed. Be sure to check the soil of your plant. Depending on the variety you may just need to give it a little drink to perk back up after its journey.
Refunds are Subject to the Following Conditions on Live Plant Goods
  1. Customers must provide and upload photo proof on the plant(s) in question within 24 hours of the plant being delivered.  Tracking information must also be uploaded.  The seller will then have 48 business hours from time of return submission to review and approve or deny.  
  2. If the claim is not submitted within 24 hours of the plant/s arriving as tracked with the shipping information, it is no longer eligible for returns/refunds.  
  3. Contact the seller immediately with any issues and read up on any additional refund policies posted within their shop. It is up to the individual seller if they allow for additional time to provide documentation.