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Air Plant Beginner Bundle 3 assorted air plants


Airplant With Hanging Charms (Varieties Vary)


About Orchids, Air Plants & Bromeliads

Orchids, along with air plants, bromeliads, and tillandsia make up an exciting group of exotic flowers . For orchids to thrive, tree bark or orchid bark is used as a potting mix since it is light and porous, allowing orchid roots or “air roots” to breathe efficiently.

To complete the orchid’s look, special pots or glass jars are filled with moss. Or other decor elements to give the flower an extra pop. Orchids such as phalaenopsis will love special orchid food. This fertilizer gives the blooms even more life. Make sure to give this exotic yet delicate plant. You willl be rewarded with mesmerizing blooms!

Shop from a variety of orchids, air plants & bromeliads growers large and small and find ones you never even knew existed.