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About Indoor Houseplants

Indoor houseplants are a popular choice for adding greenery and life to the home. These plants are well-suited to life indoors, where they can thrive in a controlled environment with proper care.

There is a wide range of  houseplants available, including ferns, palms, snake plants, and ivies, among others. These plants can help to purify the air, improve humidity levels, and add a touch of nature to any space. Indoor houseplants are easy to care for, requiring regular watering, occasional fertilization, and proper lighting to keep them healthy and thriving.

They can be placed in a variety of locations throughout the home, including on windowsills, tables, and shelves.

During the pandemic, people once again embraced the benefits of houseplants.  Many people went from casual plant person to full on collector. Shop our vast marketplace of many different sellers and cultivars of indoor houseplants!