Ficus, Triangularis, Live Plant, 4″ Pot


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  • 4″ pot
  • Soil: Well-draining
  • Water: Keep soil evenly moist, but do not overwater
  • Exposure: Medium to bright, indirect sunlight
  • Prefers humidity
  • Toxic to humans and animals if ingested.

Exposure: Part Sun


Plant Container Size: 6 " Pot


Variegated Ficus triangularis is a trendy and distinctive houseplant. It’s a surefire bet to add beauty to every indoor plant collection. It’s a relatively uncommon member of the ficus tribe, and closely related to fiddleleaf fig (Ficus lyrata). The tree sports thick and waxy triangular leaves artfully edged in creamy white. Each leaf is different and unique, making it a showpiece.

When young, it makes for a delightful addition to a brightly lit desk or tabletop where you can enjoy its variegated leaves up close. As it ages, it slowly grows into a tree and can reach 6 feet or more indoors with good care. It’s a delightful experience watching your variegated Ficus triangularis grow into a stately specimen.

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Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 15 in
Plant Container Size

6 " Pot


Part Sun




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