Selling Plants Online has Never Been Easier

Going back to the pandemic, the consumer horticulture industry gained over 18 million new gardeners and plant parents. This is a significant amount of new interest in the wonderful world of plants. Garden centers, growers and home hobbyists all had to make this hard pivot to online sales in 2020. Since then, many garden retailers have abandoned the online strategy to focus on the brick and mortar in front of them. This left the nearly 20 million new plant customers still looking for a place to buy their plants online.

The biggest hurdle garden retailers were facing was how to staff and manage an online store. They also had to ask themselves the following questions. Are we putting a plant in a box with a shipping label and sending it off with a carrier? Are we set up and able to handle in-store pick-up online orders? Are we wanting to simply expand our reach with our local delivery vehicles? Or, the Holy Grail, vendor fulfillment direct to the customer where all you do is collect a transaction fee?

If one, all or any of those questions is answered with a “yes”, then Ship My Plants is the place for your online plant and plant accessory solution. Our vendor first marketplace for the plant industry, by the plant industry allows retailers to dabble in e-commerce, expand their current reach and offerings, or even create vendor direct fulfillment relationships on sales made through an e-commerce platform that is as full service as you could get. SMP handles all of your customers’ sales tax. From calculation and collection to filing and remittance, we handle it all.

Additionally, Ship My Plants promotes the platform directly on Google, allowing our sellers to have basically no risk while SMP takes care of driving customers to their store. This in invaluable marketing and it is all a win win for the Plant Sellers, the platform itself and equally if not most important, the end customer.

Ship My Plants has a goal to be the world’s largest online plant marketplace. We want people to come to us first when they are looking for any kind of plant. Our partnership with NetPs Plant Finder allows us to boast the world’s largest commercial plant database for our sellers to quickly build product listings with professional photography, detailed cultural information and no fear of copyright infringement.

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