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You’ve wandered the rainforest, but let us welcome you to the jungle. Here are five reasons why Ship My Plants is thee marketplace versus other platforms.

For Plant People, By Plant People

Ship My Plants is the go-to marketplace for plant enthusiasts. Cultivated by a longtime love of horticulture, our multi-vendor platform offers a unique solution to buy and sell plants online.

Unified Plant Data

Backed by the industry’s leading plant database, Ship My Plants provides unified information across 30,000+ plant listings collected by NetPS. Sellers who choose to import their offerings from our database are provided corresponding plant stats used across all common listings. Sellers who choose to use our database to create their listings are provided corresponding plant stats used across all common listings while plant buyers benefit from accurate information.

Curated Approach

They say less is more and we agree. Don’t get lost in an endless aisle. We expect our seller’s best and that means quality over quantity. Our memberships allow sellers to curate their offerings so buyers know they’re getting the cream of the crop.

Plant Friendly Policies

There are plenty of other marketplace platforms online, but they all take a one size fits all approach. And plants…? They’re wild. And you can’t keep wilderness in a warehouse. Our people and plant-friendly policies are founded upon a unique understanding of live goods.

Locally Minded

Ship My Plants aims to connect plant sellers to their local community and beyond. Plant parents have the opportunity to discover sellers from their own backyard and across the land! We use geolocation to encourage shopping local, ensuring the highest quality and freshness, and cutting down on carbon emissions.

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